# Network coding accelerator semiconductor chip

  • Network coding accelerator is designed to be installed in servers for distributed data storage systems in data centers and content distribution networks (CDN).
  • The accelerator can accelerate a wide variety of network codes.
  • Product leaflet and tentative specification will be provided upon request.


BATS for 5G IAB (#BATS.5G.IAB) is a software designed to be installed in the standard 5G architecture and hardware platform as defined by the Open Radio Access Network Alliance ‘O-RAN’ ( ). n-hop technologies is a member of the O-RAN Alliance.

#BATS.5G.IAB software product is available for sale to 5G network equipment vendors or operators under license.  It will help reduce the cost of deploying more base stations.

# BATS Operation in 5G IAB

When the input packets enter the BATS-enabled IAB network they are encoded by BATS Coding into batches of packets with just enough redundancy to compensate for the potential losses in the next wireless link.

At each intermediate IAB node, some of the coded packets may be lost. The coded packets received from the same batch are then re-coded before sending on the next IAB node. BATS Coding again generates just enough redundancy to compensate for the loss in the following wireless link. By this method the errors do not accumulate, they are maintained at the level of a single link although the network may have many sequential IAB nodes. 

BATS Coding is more efficient than the current IAB error correction scheme and can achieve reliability targets in multi-hop and multi-route environments. BATS can tolerate a wide range of packet loss rates, reducing the constraints that otherwise apply to the lower layers in wireless communications networks. BATS can achieve a higher throughput, a higher reliability, but with a lower computation cost when compared with other network coding schemes.

# BATS-enabled 5G IAB Use Cases