WiFi at Country Parks

Most country parks are not well-covered by the cellular network. This poses much threat to the safety of hikers. Every year many hikers go missing in country parks, and some lose their lives. If communication is available, when hikers get lost, they can use interactive maps to find their way. In case there is emergency due to accidents or bad weather, they can call the emergency phone number to seek help.

n-hop is currently working with the Hong Kong Government on a pilot project at the Lantau Country Park. The project aims to provide WiFi services using BATS to locations in the country park where cellular coverage is weak. WiFi has advantage over cellular because it can be used by all cell phones, regardless of the operator the phone subscribes to. In addition to providing WiFi services to hikers, the communication network to be built can be used for weather signage, emergency buttons, etc, wildfire detection, environmental data collection, etc.