Smart Lampposts

Smart lampposts have been recognized as the key infrastructure of smart cities worldwide. They support a wide range of smart cities applications including autonomous driving, intelligent transportation, real-time surveillance, and high-speed WiFi coverage on a city scale. In short, smart lampposts are indispensable for smart cites. In summer 2019, n-hop technologies successfully deployed BATS in the Hong Kong Government’s pilot smart lamppost system.

Smart lampposts cannot be smart if they are not connected to the Internet. BATS provides smart lampposts with wireless Internet connection without the need to lay optical fibre to every smart lamppost. Laying new optical fiber not only is expensive but also very disturbing to the traffic and pedestrians. Additional benefits of BATS include low operating cost, enhanced security, and stable bandwidth. Thus BATS provides a city-friendly and economical solution for massive deployment of smart lampposts, which in turn will expedite the advent of smart cities and improve the quality of life around the world.