Use Cases

5G Integrated Access & Backhaul

5G Densification As network operators upgrade from 4G to 5G, they need to dramatically increase the number of base stations in the network. The main reasons for this are the need for higher capacity networks to support increasing numbers of users and higher speed applications, and also the move to higher 5G frequency spectrum. These … Read more

Smart Lampposts

Smart lampposts have been recognized as the key infrastructure of smart cities worldwide. They support a wide range of smart cities applications including autonomous driving, intelligent transportation, real-time surveillance, and high-speed WiFi coverage on a city scale. In short, smart lampposts are indispensable for smart cites. In summer 2019, n-hop technologies successfully deployed BATS in … Read more

WiFi at Country Parks

Most country parks are not well-covered by the cellular network. This poses much threat to the safety of hikers. Every year many hikers go missing in country parks, and some lose their lives. If communication is available, when hikers get lost, they can use interactive maps to find their way. In case there is emergency … Read more

Power Plant POC

There are many heavy machines in a power plant, and so it is difficult for wireless signals (cellular, WiFi) to penetrate. As such, workers in the plant from time to time lose communication with the outside, which can cause severe safety issues. BATS provides a low-cost and flexible solution to this problem. Workers in the … Read more